Counselling Services- Details

Face to face therapeutic counselling sessions- these can be arranged at a suitable (Covid safe) location including in your own home or a rented therapy room, whichever suits your needs. Some people feel more at ease in their own surroundings. 

Cost of session: £50    Length of session: 50 mins



Online face to face sessions- these can be arranged via Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp video call, whatever suits you best. 

Cost of session: £45    Length of session: 50 mins

Couples Therapy- online. To address any issues you are experiencing as a couple- be that communication difficulties, change or infidelity.

Cost of session: £60 Length of session: 50 mins.

(Please note the first session needs to be longer when working with a couple at 90 mins to allow for the assessment and costs £90)

Walk and Talk- who says therapy needs to take place inside? If you are lucky enough to also be based in or around the Yorkshire Dales then book in with me and we can go for a long or short walk, or even just sit in nature. Nature can be a wonderful tool to help the mind and soul.

Easy or challenging walks are acceptable and well behaved four legged friends are welcome to join us.

The length of walk is to be agreed prior to the session based on £50 for the first hour and £30 for an additional hour. 

Cost of session: £50-80   Length of session: 1- 2 hrs

Telephone sessions- a good old fashioned call makes us all feel better. This can be great for people who are nervous of face to face sessions or those who need the flexibility that this type of session brings, the session can take place anywhere you have some privacy and good phone signal! 

Cost of session: £45    Length of session: 50 mins


Email- usually we prearrange an initial agreed number of sessions (often 6) you email me the basic outline of the things that are troubling you and I respond with comments, gentle questioning and suggestions or support where needed. This can be a very useful method for people who need time to reflect and consider their responses or for those in a different time zone.

(Alternatively we can email back and forth for a scheduled 50 min session at my usual online rate of £45)

Cost of session: £20/email    Length of session: usually 6

Text- via standard text message or WhatsApp- you text me with the areas that are troubling you and we discuss them. An unlimited number of texts are exchanged between us for the scheduled 50 minute session.

Alternatively ad hoc texting can be agreed- please enquire for further details. 

Cost of session: £45    Length of session: 50 mins

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